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Levels of Support

Gaea – 0-$99
Gaea is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Gaea is "the earth". In mythology, Gaea is the womanly personification of the earth, as well as mother of the Titans.

Avani - $100-499
Avani is Sanskrit in origin, and the meaning of Avani is "earth". It is also a common Hindi name.

Iris - $500-1000
The meaning of Iris is "rainbow" and is also a flower name. Iris was a messenger-goddess who rode rainbows between heaven and earth to deliver messages from Olympus.

Kishi - $1000-4999
Kishi is of Japanese origin, and the meaning of Kishi is "happiness to the earth".

Maia - $5000
Maia is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Maia is "great; mother". Another version of the name, Maori, means "brave warrior". In Greek mythology, Maia was a beautiful nymph and the mother of Hermes, the messenger god. In the Roman tradition, she is an earth goddess of springtime. The month of May was named in her honor.